To teach and preach the Gospel of Grace and how it affects the whole person as well as all areas of life, making disciples of all people, as Jesus Christ commanded in the Scriptures


To regularly administer the ordinances of Jesus Christ; namely communion and water baptism.


To promote and support Local, National and International Outreach Missions.


To encourage the recognition of all true believers as members of the Body of Christ and promote unity and fellowship amongst them


To care for widows, orphans, the aged and the needy through a variety of targeted programmes and activities


To establish ministries aimed at giving Christian instruction and education to children, youth and adults.


To train church members in leadership and various skills in order that they may better fulfill their function in the body of Christ


To plan and operate social beneficiation projects that are aimed at bringing justice and relief to victims of poverty, oppression and social injustice


To encourage believers to benefit from and operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.