12 Apr

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Grace Mission church Kids Time with God


Hello kids, a few day ago we started a whole new adventure as a country.

It might feel as if our world is shaking and breaking, but I want you to remember that God is so very big

and Coronavirus and lock down are not too big for Him. He is here to do this adventure with us and He

is here to help us when we are feeling scared.

The “As the world shakes” song says that no matter what we are going to face, we can keep trusting


There was a man in the Bible who had a huge big job ahead of him. He was scared and He didn't know

what to do. But God helped him. His name was Joshua. Joshua learnt that even when it is scary, you

can trust God. We have nothing to fear with our great big God as our Dad.

The Bible says in Matthew 14:27 (New Living Translation) 'But Jesus spoke to them at once. “Don’t be

afraid,” He said. “Take courage. I am here!”'

God knows we get scared and fearful sometimes. He knows all about us. He made us! God wants us to

remember that we don't need to be afraid because He is right here with us. God is with us kids! Don't

forget that today. We don't need to be afraid because He is here!


As the world shakes song:


Joshua story:



Guess what ... we get to celebrate Easter this weekend! This year's celebrations may look a

little different, but I pray that we would keep focused on what Easter is all about. It is about

God loving us SO much that He planned the greatest rescue ever! Jesus would die to rescue

everyone on earth from the punishment of their sins. At Easter we remember that Jesus

made a way for us and God to be best friends forever.

When Jesus died it was a terrible thing, but we must remember it wasn't the nails that held

Jesus to the cross it was His great big love for us. Jesus could have got off the cross at any

time, the nails didn't hold Him to the cross. But He chose to stay and die for us because He

loves us and He wants to be our forever friend.

As we count down to Easter, I want you to remember that Easter is all about how much God

loves us. Today, can you write down some things about why you love God? You could even

draw a picture about why you love Him!


My best friend song:


Easter story:



Hello again my angels!

We’ve been on lock down for a few days now. Are any of you starting to feel a little trapped? An outing somewhere

would be so good!

Well, today I want to share a story about two men who were also trapped. They were actually trapped in jail. They didn't

want to be there. It really was a terrible place to be. Their names were Paul and Silas and you can read about their

story in Acts, chapter 16.

Paul and Silas were missionaries for Jesus, who travelled all over, walking or riding on donkeys, telling people about Jesus. One day a man

got very angry at what Paul and Silas were telling the people and had them arrested, beaten and thrown in Jail. Paul and Silas were on

lockdown in jail but do you know what Paul and Silas chose to do while they were trapped? They chose to sing songs to God and talk to

Him. That was very strange! They were trapped in jail but they still chose to sing to God. Most people would just sit and feel sorry for

themselves but Paul and Silas chose to sing to their Great Big God instead. They knew God was in charge and they could trust Him with

everything. Even though their bodies were trapped in jail, no one could trap their hearts. They could love and praise Jesus anywhere.

So, I thought today would be a good day for us to be a little bit like Paul and Silas and sing songs to our Great Big God. Not because we

love being in lock down, but because He is BIG and we can trust Him with everything. Just like Paul and Silas could praise Jesus in jail, we

can praise Him in lock down, from our own homes.

The song 'One Way' by Hillsong kids says that in troubled times we can seek God. We can turn to Him and He is always there. Even though

our world is changing, God isn't. God was the same yesterday, today and He will be tomorrow. God never changes, He will always love us,

care for us and He is making a way for us. We can trust Him and sing to Him no matter where we are.

The Bible says in 1 Chronicles 16:23 New Living Translation (NLT) "Let the whole earth sing to the Lord! Each day proclaim the good news

that he saves." Let's get singing kids! You could even write a new song about God. If you do - send it to me. I would love to see it!





What God has made Devotion

Scavenger Hunt around your home.

• What can you see that God has made?

• What can you hear that God has made?

• What can you smell that God has made?

• What can you taste that God has made?

• What can you touch that God has made?

Bible Reading

Look up Psalm 34:8 in your Bible.

What does God want you to know from this verse?

Talk about

What good things has God done for you?

What do you want to thank God for today?

Take time to Pray

Time capsule activity

Collect information about our current time to share with your future self. You will add everything that you have collected in a shobeox, store

this shoebox in a safe place to share with yourself when you’re 30 years old

1. Write a letter to your 30-year-old future self. You will include things like your current age, who your friends are, your favourite TV

shows, songs, books etc. Write about what’s going on at the moment in your own words. Tell your future self how you feel. Talk

about what you would like to be when you grow up and five things you want to do when you are an adult. List 5 thing that you’re

praying for, for your future self.

2. current news about what is happening in our country right now.

Get a hold of ONE recent copy of a physical newspaper or find one online. Choose one article that you found important from what

is happening now that you think your future self would enjoy reading. Cut this article out or print said article and place it in your


3. Ask mom and dad to show you material that they have been receiving from church, choose your favourite devotion/prayer. Which

bible verse are most people reading write it down on a piece of paper.

4. Take unposed spontaneous photos of your family and your house during this lockdown period and ask mom and dad to print them.

5. What other information would you like to share with your future self?


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